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The LSESU Green Finance Society is the sole sustainable finance-focused society at LSE. Our mission is to provide our members with the resources to gain knowledge and skills in the field and the opportunity to contribute towards efforts to drive sustainability in various industries. Our international membership pool represents a mix of engaged undergraduate and postgraduate students who are united by a shared vision to build a climate-secure and sustainable future for all.

Educate - Provide practical and timely knowledge of green finance trends through seminars, newsletters, podcasts, and crash-courses

Engage - Foster engagement with trends and opportunities in green finance through weekly events with industry professionals

Act - Empower our members to tangibly act in the field of green finance through skill and career-focused partnerships with leading firms in green finance, consultancy, & more



Sustainable Finance Conference

Our annual flagship event consisting of panel discussions with industry professionals, networking sessions and an engaging ESG Fund competition.
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Industry crash courses

Educational workshops on the principles of green finance, ESG criteria, green equities, green bonds and more!
Panel events

Career panels with green finance professionals that provide members with valuable industry insights.

Fun, informal sessions where our members get to know one another and make life long friendships.


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Louis-Tchine Pickering


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Isabelle Teh


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Claudia Ong_Secretary.jpg

Claudia Ong


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Emily Young_Treasurer_edited.jpg

Emily Young


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Emily Nguyen_Events and Logistics Director.jpg

Emily Nguyen

Events and Logistics Director

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Jacintha Thota _ CR.jpg

Jacintha Thota

Corporate Relations Director

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Linda Chemello_Marketing Director.JPG

Linda Chemello

Marketing Director

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Tianyu (Tracy) Zou_Co-head of research.png
Meiqi Li_Co-head of Research_edited.jpg
Tianyu (Tracy) Zou
Co-head of Research
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 Mei Qi (Carly) Li 
Co-head of Research
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Cassandra Chong_Co-head of Podcast Division.PNG
Xiao Wei Thean _ Co-Head of Podcast Division.heic
 Cassandra Chong
Co-head of Podcast
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    Xiao Wei Thean
Co-head of Podcast
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